The Most Beautiful Café in the world.

New York Café, Budapest, Hungary.

When you come across something which says, “world’s best”. You stall and think whether it really is world’s best or just some hyped-up advertisement. I suffered the same dilemma on a trip to Budapest.

The capital of Hungary is nothing but magnificent, I could write a hundred articles on why I love Budapest and why it is amongst my favourite city, but that is for another day. Budapest boasts to have the “world’s most beautiful Café” and I wonder, how many Cafés are there in the world? Hundreds, thousands? So, what makes it the world’s best. My curiosity made me add “The New York Café” in my already packed itinerary

Ticking of all priority landmark in Budapest my mind could not help but think about my last day visit to the café, time came and there I was all packed for the airport for late afternoon flight to Prague, calculating precisely the time required for hotel-café-hotel-airport route and time.

As soon as I exited metro station, I saw a glorious building across street with a queue of almost 100 people waiting and I knew a step I take close to the café is a step far from the airport. However, in my heart, I had already imagined that long queue of fine dressed men and women in silk, I kept lying to myself to not give it a skip. I am a practical and well-planned traveller but this time I gave in and stood in the long queue knowing it might take longer than I anticipated.

I was finally in, the only word which came in my mind was, stunning. It is how I imagined Birmingham palace, the Vatican museum to look like. My wait was far from over, after spending almost an hour outside, there was a queue of 50 people inside too. Barricaded, isolated, waiting for our turn. It was the same setup and feeling as crowd feels waiting for their favourite movie star to walk on the red carpet, so proximate, so close in front of their eyes, only divided by the chains covered in red velvet cloth. With the envious hope of swapping places. Unlike that my wait was over after good 30 minutes and chains were opened for me.

new york cafe budapest

A fine-looking, perfectly dressed waitress escorted me to my table, the feeling was surreal. Ceilings painted like Michelangelo himself did it, perfect set up of lights, white architecture, impressive chandeliers, old rustic furniture, took me a while to wrap my head around the surroundings.

As such this place is known to be one to remember so given the exquisite menu and dining experience- folks come here to celebrate their special days much unlike me who was only there to enjoy it for the place it is, the ambience it has and the food it offers. I found myself marvelling all the architecture alone and I must say I was glad I did not have to share my food. 

new york cafe budapest


I ordered roasted Duck breast and infamous New York burger, waiting for my order to come admiring the beauty of the Café and thinking about reaching the airport on time. I spent 20 minutes salivating on the table till my order arrived, to be honest if not the best…it was definitely one of the best meals I have had in my life. After the first bite, I gave up the thought of rushing and decided to savour my meal, for as long as it took. The power of a good meal!!

roasted duck

Which made me think, what makes a good cafe, the best Café in the world? Not the ceiling painting not the architecture, not the violin, but the food, always the food.
The meal cost me 42 euros, while I am a budget traveller; I would still like to treat myself every once a while. This amount was quite less compared to the luxury offered.

I would end quoting that
“I had the ultimate meal, topped with luxury in the best Café in the world”          

new york burger

P.s Never-the-less did manage to take that Prague flight.

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    So beautifully articulated! Loved reading this! The pictures are great too! This is awesome!

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